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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Recipient Support Process

The following steps occur after a proposal is approved by the IEEE Computer Society and the SEI:

  • The Humphrey Award Selection Subcommittee consults with the recipient to confirm recipient's availability to present at a conference selected by the SEI and the IEEE Computer Society.
  • The Selection Subcommittee identifies a member to mentor the recipient in preparing high-quality conference presentations and a high-quality SEI technical report regarding the recipient's "improvement journey" and the resulting insights, experiences, and proven practices.
  • The SEI announces the recipient(s), presents the commemorative plaque, introduces the recipient'(s') presentation, and promotes the recipient'(s') work and its implications for the conference attendees' work.
  • The Chair of the Selection Subcommittee facilitates publication of the SEI technical report to coincide with the second-occurring conference and makes arrangements for delivery of an honorarium upon completion of the report.


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