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Process Improvement in Multimodel Environments (PrIME)

It is likely that your organization uses more than one process improvement model, standard, regulation, and technology. After all, different challenges require different tools. Some improvement technologies are discipline oriented; others serve the overall enterprise. Some describe what to do; other, how to do it. All offer unique features and address particular problems, to be sure.

It is also likely that different parts of your organization champion the solutions that best address their problems. That competition among models, standards, regulations, and technologies drains your organization's resources and erodes the benefits you might gain from any one of the technologies you have acquired and implemented.

What approach delivers the benefits of multiple improvement technologies and avoids complexity and confusion? The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) believes there can be a comprehensive, sure way to achieve the integration of multiple technologies for process improvement within an organization.

The SEI approach is to harmonize the process improvement models. To develop the methods for an organization to harmonize its models—those its uses today and those it might add in the future—the SEI is proposing a three-year project called Process Improvement in Multimodel Environments (PrIME).

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Watch a webinar in which currently available strategic and tactical methods for multimodel improvement are presented.

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More than 80 managers, process improvement professionals, engineers, and researchers participated in a workshop called Hard Questions for Process Improvement in Multimodel Environments on May 8, 2008. The initial output of that workshop is below:

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