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Publications by Topic: Case Studies

Case Study: A Measurement Program for Product Lines
Sholom Cohen, Dave Zubrow, & Ed Dunn

A Case Study in Successful Product Line Development
Lisa Brownsword & Paul Clements

Control Channel Toolkit: A Software Product Line Case Study
Paul Clements, Sholom Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, & Linda Northrop 

Salion, Inc.: A Software Product Line Case Study
Paul C. Clements & Linda M. Northrop

Successful Product Line Development and Sustainment: A DoD Case Study
Sholom G. Cohen

The U.S. Army's Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) Product Line: A Case Study
Paul Clements & John Bergey

Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns contains three case studies:

  • Control Channel Toolkit, a software product line of satellite ground control systems procured for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office
  • the Cummins, Inc. software product line of diesel engine control software
  • Market Maker Software AG's software product line of web-based financial information software

Software Product Line Hall of Fame contains short descriptions of successful software product lines along with sources of further information

Software Product Lines site, community-authored, coordinated by Charles Krueger of BigLever Software

catalog of software product lines lists publicly accessible references where you can read about software product lines

Software Product Line Conferences