SATURN Conference 2008

Software Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Workshop
April 30 – May 1, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA

Software architects from around the world attended the Fourth Annual SEI SATURN Workshop, where they exchanged best practices in developing and acquiring software architectures and using them to build predictable, high-quality systems. This year the keynotes, presentations, and tutorials brought software architecture experts together to share how they successfully put SEI and other architecture technologies into practice.


Stay connected throughout the year by visiting the SATURN website - where software architecture technology users network to get the latest news, articles, and reports as well as to share best practices and lessons learned.

Debugging Software Architectures (SATURN 2008)
On ADLs and Tool Support for Documenting View-Based Architectural Descriptions (SATURN 2008)
Quality Attributes and Requirement Traceability (SATURN 2008)
Some Perspectives in Teaching Software Architecture (SATURN 2008)
Software Architecture in an Integrated Engineering Methodology
Architecture Empowerment - A Quality Attribute of Software Architecture Realms to Build Empowered Organizations
Challenges and Observations of Applying the SEI ATAM to a Software Testing Automation Solution
Lessons Learned from Deployment and Production Use of Architects’ Workbench - An Architectural Thinking and Modeling Tool
Reconstructing the Architecture Model for a Sustainable Software System (SATURN 2008)
Evaluating Distributed Systems Architectures for Fault-Tolerant Applications (SATURN 2008)
Current SAT Work in Architecture Evolution (SATURN 2008)
Putting Software Architecture in Its Place - Fitting Software Architecture into the Enterprise Technology Landscape
Realizing the Business Value of IT: An Approach for Architecture Evaluation (SATURN 2008)
Inexpensive ATAM-Peer Review Detects and Fixes Architecture Problems Early (SATURN 2008)
Architecture Curve, New Formatted SEI ATAM Report Shaped in a Single Graph (SATURN 2008)
Applying SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) as Part of Formal Software Architecture Review (SATURN 2008)
Identifying and Documenting Primary Concerns in Industrial Software Systems (SATURN 2008)
Current SEI SAT Initiative Technology Investigations
Defining Composite Critical Scenarios for the Development of Large-Scale System Architecture Using an SEI ADD-Based Framework
On Software Architecture, Agility, Cost and Value

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