Past Conferences

Past Conferences: SATURN 2007


The third SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop was held May 14-16, 2007 at Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This SATURN workshop included four tutorials, two keynote presentations, 11 presentations on practitioner experiences in using SEI software architecture technology methods and techniques, a panel on experiences in using the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method® (ATAM®), and four working sessions. Participant presentations covered topics in software architecture such as architecturally significant requirements, system of systems architecture, architecture design and evaluation, and architecture competence. Working sessions covered promising future directions in software architecture technology and practices. They provided participants opportunities to discuss these topics with colleagues in other organizations and to give feedback to the members of the SEI about their work in this area. In 2007, SATURN brought together professionals from over 30 organizations.

Presentations from SATURN 2007

Architecting Security In (SATURN 2007)
How the QAW Helped our Enterprise Architecture Effort (SATURN 2007)
Integrated City Operation Center: An Architecture Case Study with ADD & Data Flow Analysis (SATURN 2007)
SEI Architecture Techniques complementary to the RUP (SATURN 2007)
Software Architecture Technology Initiative (SATURN 2007)
Welcome to SATURN 2007 the Third SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop (SATURN 2007)
A Light-Weight Architecture Trade Off Process Based on ATAM A Panel Presentation: Sharing Experiences with ATAM (SATURN 2007)
Common ATAM Errors (SATURN 2007)
A Case Study in applying Architecture Evaluation Methods (SATURN 2007)
Introducing Scenario-Based Architecture Reviews (SATURN 2007)
Technology Evolution – Impact on Architecture of a Complex Medical Product (SATURN 2007)
A Product Line Architecture for Army Aviation Diagnostics and Maintenance: Views and Evolution (SATURN 2007)
System of Systems Architecture Evaluation with Concurrent Development (SATURN 2007)
Improving Software Architecture Competence (SATURN 2007)
Neglected Aspects of Software Architecture (SATURN 2007)
Evaluating a Service-Oriented Architecture
Tools for Making Better Architecture Decisions (SATURN 2007)
Automated Requirements Processing Overview (SATURN 2007)
The Negative Impacts of Ignoring Stakeholder Quality Attributes: Joint Fire Support (FS) Command and Control (C2) Case Study (SATURN 2007)
An Architecture Journey

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