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In 2015, the SATURN Conference celebrated its 11th year.
Thank you to all SATURN 2015 attendees!


The 11th annual SATURN Conference boasted the second-highest attendance in the series: 203 attendees from 21 countries and 119 organizations. A new invited speakers series featured luminaries in the field of software architecture, and an Architecture Boot Camp provided basic information to aspiring software architects.

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Portland, Oregon

May 5-9, 2014

SATURN 2014, held in collaboration with IEEE Software magazine, had 198 participants from 20 countries and 111 organizations. Themes included evolution, collaboration, architectural modeling, scalability, DevOps, and architecting in the enterprise. Attendees heard keynotes from Team Wikispeed, IBM Watson, and Netflix.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

April 29 - May 3, 2013

SATURN 2013 had a record 208 participants. The conference consisted of three days of tutorials and SEI architecture courses, and two days of technical presentations, including four keynotes. The program also included lightning talks, hosted table discussions, and a facilitated birds-of-a-feather session.

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St. Petersburg, Florida

May 7-11, 2012

The eighth annual SATURN Conference, held in collaboration with IEEE Software magazine, included keynote and plenary talks from luminaries at Siemens, Vanderbilt University, ABB, and an original signer of the Agile Manifesto. Two panels of distinguished panelists discussed the past 20 years of architecture.

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Burlingame, California

May 17-21, 2011

166 attendees enjoyed tutorials, presentations, and keynote speeches on the SATURN 2011 themes of "Architecting for Change" and "7 things you need to know about the next 7 years in Architecture."

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 17-21, 2010

 160 attendees enjoyed tutorials, presentations, and keynote speeches on the theme of "Architecting for Change."

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 4-7, 2009

 SATURN 2009’s program featured presentations on everything from aligning software, system, and enterprise architectures to governance and architecture competence, design, and improvement. These were presented by practitioners who deal with these issues every day and know firsthand what works and what doesn’t

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 30 - May 1

 Software architects from around the world attended the Fourth Annual SEI SATURN Workshop, where they exchanged best practices in developing and acquiring software architectures and using them to build predictable, high-quality systems.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 14-16, 2007

 This SATURN workshop included four tutorials, two keynote presentations, 11 presentations on practitioner experiences in using SEI software architecture technology methods and techniques, a panel on experiences in using the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method®(ATAM®), and four working sessions.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 25-26, 2006

 The second SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop (SATURN 2006) was open to anyone who had taken some of the courses in the Software Architecture Curriculum or read some of the SEI publications about architectural methods and techniques and had an interest in applying them in their organization.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 6-7, 2005

 The first Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop (SATURN 2005) attracted 48 persons from 24 organizations. In addition to the three keynotes, there were presentations from nine participants. Three working sessions focused on gaps in the methods, what to measure, and the relationship of architecture and process.

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