SEPG Europe 2010

28 June - 1 July, 2010 | Porto, Portugal

Guidelines for Speakers

Presentation Submission Guidelines

  • You should confirm that you will be able to obtain any and all necessary approvals or clearances prior to confirming your participation at the SEPG Europe 2010 Conference. When  you confirm your participation, you will be required to register. Speakers who do not meet the established due dates will be removed from the program and replaced with an alternate.
  • Speakers who update their materials after  9 April, 2010 must provide attendees with a website where the updated presentation materials can be obtained.
  • All presentation materials will be included in the conference proceedings that will be available online during the conference and for a limited time afterwards (approximately 30 days).

Presentation Guidelines

  • The SEPG Europe program is very full, and it is important—for speakers as well as attendees—that the schedule be maintained. Due to time limitations of the program, we recommend limiting the number of slides to 25 or fewer for 40-minute presentations and 100 or fewer for half-day tutorials.     
  • Presentations must be submitted both as Adobe PDF files (one slide per page) and PowerPoint files.
  • If you chose to submit your presentation only in PowerPoint, it will be converted to PDF for inclusion in the online proceedings. The SEPG Conference Series Team and the SEI are not responsible for any formatting errors that may occur due to conversion to PDF, so we strongly encourage you to submit your presentations as requested—in both PDF and PowerPoint—to avoid any potential difficulties.
  • Include your contact information and website on the final slide.
  • Use title case when creating the title of your presentation.
  • Number  all slides.
  • Define each acronym the first time it is used in the presentation.
  • Present  materials that reflect the abstract that you submitted.
  • Check your spelling and perform all final edits PRIOR to submitting your materials.
  • Use  standard Windows fonts when preparing your presentation (these are the fonts that are pre-installed on your computer.).
  • If  incorporating animations, do not cover text.
  • Use  the following convention to name your presentation: "session–lastname".ppt or "session#–lastname".pdf

Speaker Registration and Travel Guidelines

If you are accepted as a presenter at the SEPG Europe 2010 Conference, you must adhere to the following guidelines and policies.

  • Presenters are responsible for their own hotel and travel expenses.
  • Presenters are required to register for SEPG Europe by April 23, 2010.
  • The conference registration fee for a SEPG Europe 2010 presenter is $600.00. 
  • Discounted conference registration fees are designated for presenters only and are not transferable. There is a maximum of two presenters allowed per session.
  • Speaker discounts apply throughout the registration period. No additional super-saver or early-bird discounts apply.

Speaker Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting a session abstract, submitters grant the SEI permission to      reproduce and distribute materials in online conference proceedings.
  • By  submitting a session abstract, submitters grant the SEI permission to edit    their abstracts to adhere to the SEI Style Guide to ensure consistency in our printed program and promotional materials.
  • Any  presenter who misses the 9 April, 2010 submission deadline will be removed  from the program and replaced by an alternate presenter.
  • If you  need to send a substitute to SEPG Europe to present in your place, contact
  • If you  are unable to attend the conference, please contact the SEPG Europe team immediately  by sending mail to or calling +1 412-268-5800. Please note that a cancellation may adversely affect your chances of being  accepted to present at future SEPG conferences. 

Student Poster Session Guidelines

  • Use graphics where possible.
  • For case studies, be sure to describe the process improvements that led to      these results.
  • Use a large enough font to be visible by someone standing up to six feet away from the poster (minimum of 18 point).
  • Be  sure to leave enough white space to allow people to focus on what is most important for them to see.
  • When  using graphics, do not put too much information in one figure or chart.
  • When  using text, avoid long sentences; instead use bulleted statements.
  • Avoid sing any promotional material for your organization that is not directly      related to the poster theme.
  • If using acronyms, provide definitions.

For more information, contact
SEI Customer Relations
FAX: +1-412-268-6257

SEPG Europe News

Continue Your Professional Development at SEPG Europe 2010

The SEI will be offering qualification examinations for SEI Certifications at SEPG Europe 2010. Schedule your exam at SEPG Europe and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your career and stretch your conference dollars. Visit our Certification exams portal to register for your examination. Seats are limited, so sign up early!

Experience Porto

Information is now available on how you can join SEPG Europe 2010 attendees to experience the best of Porto, known as "The City of Bridges" and the birthplace of Port wine.

Hotels are Now Available

Hotel guest room information is now available. Click here to read about hotel options and booking details.

SEPG Europe important dates

For Speakers
  • Speaker presentations due: 28 May

All dates are based on 23:59 U.S. Eastern Time.


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