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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

System-of-Systems Strategy

As organizations move toward greater development, evolution, and use of complex systems of systems, the SEI can provide leaders of those organizations with insight into the balance needed among those systems' many participants and tensions.

Using a suite of governance and acquisition diagnostic tools, we can work with organizations to identify the variety of system-of-systems stakeholders and their demands, assess the influences on current and future demands, analyze alignment (or mis-alignment) of support structures, and other aspects of system-of-systems contexts.

For example, we can help an organization determine whether it

  • is agile enough to meet demands you cannot anticipate
  • has given the right people sufficient authority to respond to the variety of demands in its environment
  • is using workarounds that are constraining its ability to respond to new demands

Our suite of tools, which continues to grow and evolve, has broad application to the range of systems of systems in which organizations participate. We use these tools to help executives, program managers, and technical managers deal with the nature and exercise of governance.

For the nature of governance, we can help with tools that address the

In analyzing the exercise of governance policies, we can help with tools for

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