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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Getting Started

Organizations perceive that systems of systems can help them achieve important business and mission goals more effectively. Yet, they are finding that systems of systems are difficult to acquire, develop, test, and operate.


Our work is grounded in system-of-systems research. The core of our research work is a set of system-of-systems principles, including

  • Distributed, loosely coupled collaboration promotes system-of-systems agility.
  • Independent and continuous evolution means that system-of-systems behavior cannot be completely predicted.
  • Influence is more important than control in getting collaboration among system-of-systems stakeholders.

We apply and continue to refine these principles as we investigate

Providing proven tools

We apply our research findings to real-world situations through engagements with our customers. Those experiences and collaborations with other researchers enable us to develop, pilot, mature, and make available these system-of-systems tools and methods:

Offering unbiased guidance and assistance

Consider us to be your independent, third-party consulting advisor whether your organization is

  • working toward legacy system migration to an SOA environment (Get started by visiting our SOA information center)
  • looking to manage its systems of systems more effectively in a turbulent demand environment
  • engaging in a multienterprise acquisition
  • beginning to investigate popular technologies for systems interoperability

SEI is your trusted advisorAs a federally funded research and development center, the SEI is vendor neutral, realistic about the current effectiveness of technologies and standards, and focused on the widespread transition of the best practices for systems of systems, whatever their origin.

Enhance your skills with the SEI's offerings for system-of-systems and systems interoperability training