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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Acquisition Courses

Acquisition training addresses the skills needed in a program office to manage software acquisition, enabling program managers to recognize the needs of their programs. These courses also present a broad range of topics from the traditional (continuous risk management, or CRM) to the leading edge (Mission Success in Complex Environments, or MSCE).

Leading SAFe/Agile in Government

This 3 day live-delivery course enables attendees to understand basic Agile and lean concepts that developers use, but primarily focuses on introducing the interactions that government program offices can and should have with developers (either organic or contracted) who are using Agile team methods and the Scaled Agile Framework scaling approach to develop government systems. A combination of lecture, discussion, simulation, and short exercises are used to provide attendees with information that will translate into their work settings.

Acquisition Essentials for Software-Reliant Systems

This hour-long course acquaints acquisition staff with key aspects of software-reliant systems acquisition. This course provides an overview of three fundamental software acquisition topics, Software Requirements, Software Architecture, and Software Testing.

Twenty Questions to Assess Your Program's Chances of Success

This online course introduces risk management concepts and explains the 20 key drivers that compose the SEI risk-based method for assessing complex projects, the Mission Diagnostic Protocol. This course explains what these drivers are and how the assessment of a program using the drivers creates a profile of a program's chances of success.

Data Rights and DoD Acquisition

This set of webinars will provide basic information on why data rights are important, a risk-based method of helping to determine what rights are needed, and information on how to include data rights in your acquisitions.

Software Acquisition Survival Skills

This three-day course introduces participants to the unique challenges associated with acquiring software-intensive systems.

Practical Risk Management: Principles and Methods

This two-day course provides the foundation for a more practical approach to risk management that builds from a straightforward, broad-view method to a complex array of techniques needed for in-depth analyses of complex risks. Through an interactive learning environment using discussion, examples, worksheets, and exercises, participants will be able to grasp the essentials of the practical, easy-to-use techniques.

Engineering Safety- and Security-Related Requirements for Software-Intensive Systems

COTS Software Product Evaluation for Practitioners

This course addresses the process and techniques that can be employed in the evaluation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products in software-intensive systems.

Interoperable Acquisition Overview