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The Challenge

Changing the personal work habits of your engineers is not an easy task. Drawing on the SEI or an SEI partner for support during the transition to PSP and TSP makes this job easier. Everyone–executives, managers, engineers–is trained in the skills they need to be successful. Then you get the tools for your organization to take over training and support for your staff.

The SEI Strategy

Like any change activity, implementing TSP requires sponsorship and planning. TSP should be implemented on a project-by-project or team-by-team basis. The strategy involves the following steps:

  1. Select two or three teams.
  2. Train the team members and their managers.
  3. Launch these teams with TSP.
  4. Evaluate and fine tune the approach.
  5. Repeat the cycle, increasing scope at a sustainable pace.

The Timeline

The sample timeline below indicates how TSP implementation might be scheduled within an organization.


Consulting at the SEI

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