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Self-Study PSP Material

Use of the supplemental material provided on this site is provided for your personal use only to supplement learning the concepts described in the book, PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers. Use of these materials does not satisfy requirements for successful completion of the SEI course PSP for Engineers.

As part of publishing the new PSP book, the SEI agreed to make CMU-copyrighted PSP materials publicly available to two groups of people: PSP students/users and academic instructors. There are two different versions of the course available, each containing materials specific to a student/user's needs or the needs of an academic instructor.

The student/user download provides access to

  • student workbook
  • PSP scripts, forms, instructions, and standards
  • assignment workbooks (eight programs and five reports)

Conditions of UseStudent/User Downloaded Material

  • For personal use only.
  • Must obtain permission from SEI to develop a derived product

Maintenance of Publicly Available PSP Materials

Publicly available PSP materials will receive corrective maintenance only; that is, only typos, errors, and items that prevent the correct operation of the materials will be addressed.

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