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September 16 to 19, 2013


Past Proceedings

TSP Symposium Presentations

(Some presenters have chosen not to make their presentation publicly available. These are shown below but do not contain a file link.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keynote Presentation
Pilots in Extreme Environments: Enforcing U.S. Foreign Policy from the Edge of Space
Robert Behler, Software Engineering Institute

Using TSP to Develop and Maintain Mission Critical IT Systems
Alex Obradovic, Beckman Coulter

Success with the TSP: Improve Your Project Estimations with Statistical Analysis Tools
Michael Mowle and Kathy Krauskopf, Urban Science

The Hidden Secrets of the TSP Checkpoint
Liliana Cazangiu

Grassroots Implementation of PSP
Jason Brady, Alliant Techsystems, Inc.

Neuroscience, Zen, and the Art of Coaching for Habitual Excellence
Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, Carnegie Mellon University

The Exceptional Change Agent: Increase Your Value, Decrease Your Effort, Change Your World
Alan Willett, Oxseeker, Inc.

Demonstrating the Impact of the PSP on Software Quality and Effort: Eliminating the Programming Learning Effect
Diego Vallespir, Universidad de la República

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keynote Presentation
9 Digit Stakes and the Measurement Stack

Dr. Bill Curtis, CAST Software

Integrating TSP Data with External Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
David Tuma, Tuma Solutions
Elias Fallon, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Toward A Quantified Reflection
William Nichols, Software Engineering Institute

Lessons Learned in Seven Years of Teaching PSP to University Students
Rafael Salazar, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Coaching a Winning Team
Dan Wall, The Wall Group

Improving Introductory TSP for Creating High-Performance Student Teams
Masanobu Umeda, Keiichi Katamine, and Masaaki Hashimoto, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Yoshihiro Akiyama, Next Process Institute Ltd.

SEI Interactive Session: Empirical Study of Software Engineering Results
Mark Kasunic, Software Engineering Institute

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keynote Presentation
MoNeT: A Software Initiative to Boost the Mexican Securities Market

Dr. Enrique Ibarra, Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)

How to Successfully Launch Projects with Multi-Functional Silos
Bradley Zabinski, Urban Science

“Hi-Mat” Units: An Innovative TSP-Adoption Programme in South Africa
Barry Dwolatzky, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Cadence Quality Initiative: Delivering Software That Works
Tom Beckley, Al Schmidt, and Elias Fallon, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

TSP Symposium Presentations

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keynote: High Maturity Practices: The Way Forward
Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services, Inc.

Leading a Development Team Pilot for IT Project Management Master's Degree Students
Valentina Ivanova, New Bulgarian University

Why Does Agile Software Development Not Require the TSP Disciplines?
Yoshi Akiyama, Next Process Institute Ltd.

TSP as the Next Step for Scrum Teams
Darryl Davis and Noopur Davis, Davis Systems

Using the TSP at the End of the Development Cycle
Scott Van Eps and Rick Marshall, Beckman Coulter

TSP and Deliberate Practice as Tools for Improved Capability in the Workforce
Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, Software Engineering Institute

The TSP Initiative in Colombia: Strategies for Adoption and Plans for the Future
Yuri Ontibon, SEONTI

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keynote: Delivering Agility and Discipline: Experiences with High-Assurance Software Engineering
Rod Chapman, Altran Praxis Limited

Integrating Model-Driven Engineering Techniques in the Personal Software Process
João Faria, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

Excellence: Methodology Assists, Discipline Delivers
David Ratnaraj, Advanced Information Services, Inc.

Analysis of Code Defect Injection and Removal in PSP
Diego Vallespir, Universidad de la República
William Nichols, Software Engineering Institute

Using TSP to Improve an Organization
Lana Cagle, Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO)

Combining a Formal Method and PSP for Improving Software Process: An Initial Report
Shigeru Kusakabe, Kyushu University

Taking the “Software” Out of TSP
Jason Huibregtse, CGI Federal

PSPDC: An Adaptation of the PSP to Incorporate Verified Design by Contract
Diego Vallespir, Universidad de la República

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keynote: How did Mexico Do It? The National TSP Initiative
Dr. Fernando Jaimes, Tecnológico de Monterrey

A Virtual Safari of Nedbank’s TSP Centre-of-Excellence
John Bourhill, Nedbank
Barry Dwolatsky, Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering

Experience Report: Applying and Introducing TSP to Electronic Design Automation
Elias Fallon, Cadence Design Systems

Leading GREAT Teams: Key Findings at the Intersection of Leadership, Teamwork, and the Personal Process
Alan Willett, Oxseeker, Inc.

TSP Symposium Proceedings Document

2011 TSP Proceedings

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 20, 2011

Keynote: Evaluating and Ranking Software Methods and Practices
Capers Jones, Capers Jones & Associates LLC

TSP is Coming!
Bill Nichols, Software Engineering Institute
for Alok Goswami, Nedbank Sandton

First TSP Results at Ecuador and Colombia: A Shared Successful Effort
Pablo Henriquez, Procesix

A Survival Guide for Leaders
Dan Wall, The Wall Group

Updating the Quality Profile for Modern Development Environments
Noopur Davis, Davis Systems

An Architect's Point of View on TSP
Felix Bachmann, Software Engineering Institute

Paths of Adoption: A Taxonomy of Pre-TSP/TPI Teams
David Saint-Amand and Mark Stockmyer, NAVAIR

The Emphasis Should be on Team, not Software Process
Robert Musson, Microsoft

September 21, 2011

Keynote: Failure Is Not an Option
James Over

Reporting Project Status to Management
Francois Auradon, Noopur Davis

Applying TSP for Services: Seven Key Lessons Learned
Oscar Mondragon, SIE Center
Alan Willett, Oxseeker, Inc.

Team Software Process at Adobe Systems: Current State of the Program
Barbara Spencer
, Adobe Systems, Inc.

A PSP Analysis of Defects Injected During Detailed Design
Diego Vallespir, Universidad de la Republic
William Nichols, Software Engineering Institute

Broadening the Ability to Train and Launch Effective Engineering and Service Teams
Jeffrey Schwalb and Bradley Hodgins, NAVAIR

SEI Interactive Discussions
Coaching Teams: The Soft Side of TSP
Tim Chick and Gene Miluk, Software Engineering Institute

Coaching vs. Dumb Luck
Jim McHale and Bill Nichols, Software Engineering Institute
(no file available)

September 22, 2011

Keynote: Medical Device Software Development
Carl Wyrwa, Beckman Coulter

A Highly Successful Canceled Project
David Jolley
, Hill Air Force Base

Changing Software Management Culture from Academic
Keiichi Katamine, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Masanobu Umeda

Finding the Estimating Data
David Malley, Naval Oceanographic Office

Five Lessons I Learned From an Inspiring Leader
Daniel Roy, STPP, Inc.

Mastering the Coaching of Excellence
Alan Willett, Oxseeker, Inc.

TSP on an Architecture-Driven Project
Luis Carballo, Bursatec
James McHale, Software Engineering Institute

TSP Symposium Proceedings Document

2010 TSP Proceedings

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 21, 2010

Keynote Address: To Boldly Go
David Webb, U.S. Air Force

Introducing PSP/TSP Massively in Mexico
Héctor J. González Santos, Kernel Technologies Group

Ten Years with TSP – A Retrospective and a Path Forward
Daryl Davis, Davis Systems

Will TSP Shape the Future of Software Development in South Africa – Report on a National Pilot Programme
Barry Dwolatsky, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University; Tamasin Bossert and Alok Goswami, Nedbank; Lisa Lyhne, Dariel Solutions

Integrating Software Development and CMMI Using TSP
Jason Huibregtse and Jenna Fleshman, Techrizon

"Real Artists Ship" – A Journey in Leadership
Tim Lancaster, Beckman Coulter
(no electronic file available)

Panel Session: TSP in Mexico:

September 22, 2010

Keynote Address:  Software Technology – Changing the World through Performance Data
Dr. Cynthia Dion-Schwarz, Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense
(no electronic file available)

Team Software Process at Adobe Systems: Experiences of Three Teams in a Product Group
Barbara Spencer, Adobe Systems

Selling the TSP: From Organizational Pain to Productivity Gains
Agustin De La Maza, Sofftek

TSP Plays the ACE: Using Architecture-Centric Engineering on a TSP Project
Luis Carballo, Bursatec; Jim McHale and Robert Nord, SEI

Illuminating the Intersection of TSP and CMMI High Maturity Process Performance Models
Bob Stoddard, SEI; David Webb, U.S. Air Force; Shigeru Sasao, Carnegie Mellon University; Jim VanBuren, U.S. Air Force

Using TSP in an Enterprise Engineering Environment
Tash Solangi, U.S. Navy

September 23, 2010

Keynote Address: How to Teach Programming – Introducing PSP into the Curriculum at Two South African Universities
Barry Dwolatzky, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University

Developing an Approach for Effective Transition of TSP Team to Meet Project Goals
Yoshihiro Akiyama, Next Process Institute

New TSP Paths: Systems Engineering Team Uses TSP to Manage Software Test Product Development
Daniel Wilson, Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

Achieving Academic Success Using TSP
Shigeru Sasao, Berin Babcock-McConnell, Saurabh Gupta, Jonathan Hartje, and Sidharth Surana, Carnegie Mellon University; Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, SEI

Lessons Learned Using Agile Methods with TSP
Noopur Davis, Davis Systems

Who You Gonna Call – TSP
Dan Wall, The Wall Group

What Happens When Your Team Members Go Out to Sea?
Devin Goodwin, U.S. Navy

TC-AIM Case of Study: Moving from TSP to CMMI ML 3
Oscar Mondragon, ITESM Mexico

TSP or Bust! - The Fight for Emerson
Daniel Roy, Software Technology Process & People, Inc.
(no electronic file available)

TSP Symposium Proceedings Document

2009 TSP Proceedings

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 21, 2009

Keynote Address
Bill Curtis, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, CAST

Using TSP at the MSG Level
Ed Battle, NAVO – Leading and Learning

Implementation of the TSP in Small and Medium Size Software Enterprises
Roberto Ramos, Kernel Technologies

Experiences Using the Team Software Process at Adobe Systems
Noopur Davis, Davis Systems & Barbara Spencer, Adobe System

A Star is Made: Attaining Excellence through Deliberate Practice
William Nichols & Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, SEI

No Experience Necessary, How I Learned to Love that New Team Smell
Mark Stockmyer & David Saint-Amand, NAVAIR

TSP-Agile Showdown: The Gun Smoke Clears
Alan Padula, Intuit

Introducing TSP in Very Small Software Outsourcing Organizations
Rafael Salazar, Tec de Monterrey

September 22, 2009

Keynote Address
Dr. Paul D. Nielsen, Director and Chief Executive Officer, SEI

Inspiring, Enabling and Driving the Evolution of Quality at Adobe Leveraging TSP
Jim Sartain, Adobe Systems

Report on a Multi-Team, Multi-Discipline, Multi-Distributed Launch
Orville Starnes, AIS

TSP in a Customer Service Environment
Jason Ziemer, NAVO

TSP at Software Process Dynamics
Jim Hart, Software Process Dynamics, LLC

The Large System Problem
Watts S. Humphrey, SEI

September 23, 2009

Keynote Address
Honorable Claude M. Bolton, Jr., Executive-In-Residence for the Defense Acquisition University

A Quality Process Performance Model for Software Development Projects
David Webb, Hill Air Force Base

Best-Practices for TSP Implementation on Outsourced Application Development Projects
Agustin De La Maza, Juan Valera & Ricardo Garza, Softtek

Bringing Science for High Maturity Practices with PSP/TSP
Yoshihiro Akiyama, Next Process Inc. & James Over, SEI

TSP and Secure Coding
Noopur Davis, Davis Systems, Philip Miller & Bill Nichols, SEI and Robert Seacord, CERT

TSP Symposium Proceedings Document

2008 TSP Proceedings

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 22, 2008

TSP national initiative
Ivette Garcia - Deputy Director General of Digital Economy at the Ministry of the Economy, Mexico
TOWA’s TSP Initiative:  The Ambition to Succeed
Yuri Ontibon & Miguel Serrano - TOWA

Accelerating CMMI Adoption with PSP/TSP - TCAIM
Gene Miluk, Jim McHale, & Tim Chick - SEI

Certifying Software Organizations
Watts Humphrey & Bill Nichols - SEI

Preparing Undergraduate Students for Industry’s TSP Needs
Rafael Salazar - Tec de Monterrey

Transforming Process Quality Index (PQI) into a Process Performance Model
Ricardo Garza - Softtek

TSP and Formal Cause Analysis
Orville Starnes - Advanced Information Services, Inc.

Taking the Functional Out of Dysfunctional Teams
Lana Cagle & Mark Femal - NAVO

September 23, 2008

The Victim Trap
Watts Humphrey - SEI Fellow

Integrating CMMI, TSP and Change Management Principles to Accelerate Process ImprovementBest Implementation of the TSP
Julie Switzer & Orville Starnes - NAVAIR

Uses of Monte Carlo Simulation for TSP Team
David Webb – Hill Air Force Base, Jim Van Buren – Draper Laboratory, David Tuma – Tuma Solutions, & Robert Stoddard – SEI

Applying TSP to Distributed Teams – Challenges and Experiences
Rajan Seriampalayam - Intuit

TSP – Agile Showdown
Alan Padula - Intuit

Lessons Learned in SEI Blended Learning
Phil Miller - SEI

How Do You Bring Process Discipline to a Team?
Anita Carleton & Tim Chick - SEI

Dealing with Resistance: Tools of the Change Warrior
Bill Nichols & Alan Willett - SEI

September 24, 2008

Critical Success Factors for TSPSM/PSPSM Adoption in Consumer Software Companies
Jim Sartain - Adobe Systems

Delivering Successful Projects with TSPBest Implementation of the TSP
Radhika Janardanan & Jeffrey Smith - Microsoft

Speed Bumps on the Implementation Highway
Dan Wall - Vicarious Visions

From Both Sides Now – TSP from Within & From Just Beyond
Susan Weaver - NAVAIR

Accelerating CMMI Adoption with PSP/TSP
James McHale, Tim Chick, Noopur Davis, & Dr. Gene Miluk - SEI

Deploying TSP to a Nation:  Early Results from Mexico
Bill Nichols - SEI

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 17, 2007

Game On! An Industry's Journey,
Karthik Bala, Guha Bala - Vicarious Visions, Inc.

Taking Ownership and Adapting TSP Successfully Over Time
Intuit Engineering Team

PSP Training for Everyone
Dan Wall - Vicarious Visions, Inc.

A Quantitative Method for Preventing Defect Injection in PSP/TSP
Yoshihiro Akiyama - Kyushu Institute of Technology & Next Process Institute Ltd.

Issues of Organizational Structure and Leadership Associated with Process Deployment
Robert Musson, Microsoft

TSP Implementation Veteran
Lana Cagle, Naval Oceanographic Office

September 18, 2007

Using Team Process Integration (TPI) with Non-Software Teams (An Integrated Product Team's Experience)
Dwayne Heinsma - AV-8B Joint Systems Support Activity Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake, CA

Making TSP Work at CMMI Level 5
David Webb - Hill Air Force Base, Jim Van Buren - Draper Laboratory, Dr. Eugene Miluk - SEI

Custom Fitting TSPSM To A Maintenance Project: Patience and Perseverance Pay Off
John Stark, Pam Skotak - SAIC

Using Benford's Law to Monitor Process Fidelity
Ricardo Garza - Softtek

The Teacher, the Bathtub and the Bureaucrat
Alan Willett - SEI, Eileen Fagan - Intuit

Importance of Component Postmortem
David Y Ratnaraj, Advanced Information Services Inc.

September 19, 2007

Architecting High Quality Software: The Role of Software Architecture in System Development and Evolution
Linda Northrop - SEI

How TSP Implementation Has Evolved at AV-8,
Brad Hodgins, Chris Ricketts, Robert Lindeman - NAVAIR

“TSP Works…Let's Roll It Out!”
Eileen Fagan, Rajan Seriampalayam - Intuit Inc.

Developing a Software Industry with TSP and PSP
Carlos Montes de Oca, PhD - Center for Mathmatical Research CIMAT

Automated Unit Testing and the TSP
Noopur Davis, Larry Maccherone

TSP and Three Project Management Myths
Orville Starnes - AIS

TSP Symposium Presentations

September 18, 2006

MISC PMT: Combining TSP and CMMI Should Mean More Than Just an Anagram
Mike Konrad, SEI, Keynote Address

Process Improvement at NAVAIR Using TSP and CMM
David Saint-Amand, Synthetic Solutions, Inc.

A PSP Commercial Project
Rob Tonneberger, Northern Horizons, Inc.

The TSP Story at Microsoft IT
Jagadish Kamatar and Rob Schoedel, Microsoft Corporation

47.9346721 Percent of Data is Made Up
Orville Starnes, Advanced Information Services, Inc.

Mining PSP Data
Dan Burton & Watts S. Humphrey, SEI

Impact of Individual Performance to Project Organization
Yoshihiro Akiyama, IBM Japna Ltd. & Kaitasu Co., Ltd.; Jim Over, Jim McHale, and Anita Carleton, SEI

September 19, 2006

Scaling Up the Process
Watts S. Humphrey - Keynote Address

Delivering Successful Projects With Challenges of New Teams
Mukesh Jain, Microsoft Corporation

Using the TSP in a Systems Engineering Environment
Dan Wall, Vicarious Visions. Inc.

Noopur Davis & Eileen Fagan - Agility Through Discipline
(presentation unavailable)

Observations from Just Beyond TSP: One Implementation
Susan Weaver, NAVAIR

What Works Best with TSPi for Small Team Productivity and Quality
William L. Honig, Loyola University Chicago

Extending the Team Software Process for Systems Engineering,
Anita Carleton, SEI and Tim Chick, NAVAIR

NAVAIR LAMP Model: A Coaches Aid in Helping Teams Apply TSP
Bradley Hodgins, NAVAIR Systems Software Support Center (NSSC)

September 20, 2006

Experiences Integrating PSP and TSP with Six Sigma
Dan S. Van Duine, Advanced Information Services, Inc.

An Overview of Sandia Nations Laboratories
Tom Cuyler, Sandia National Laboratories

Tools of the Change Warrior
Alan W. Willett, SEI

Triumphs and Challenges of Using TSP/PSP at Intuit
Eileen Fagan, Intuit, Inc.

David White - SEI Licensing
(presentation unavailable)

Interdisciplinary Team Project Management Using TSP Concepts
Bradley Hodgins, NAVAIR Systems Software Support Center (NSSC)

Process Imporvement Proposals (PIPs Organization, Team, Individual
Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services, Inc.

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