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Selected Category: System of Systems

May 16, 2013

Architecting in a Complex World: Uncovering Architectural Challenges in a System of Systems

Mike Gagliardi describes development challenges in usability/automation, capability gaps, resource management, training, migration of legacy systems, and collaboration that they have identified from 46 Mission Thread Workshops.

February 24, 2011

Emerging Technologies for Software-Reliant Systems

In this 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis presents general computation trends and a set of emerging technologies to support the trends for software-reliant SoS such as cloud computing and mobile computing.

January 20, 2010

SoS Architecture Evaluation and Quality Attribute Specification

Mike Gagliardi shares a SoS architecture definition and evaluation approach that involves stakeholders in augmenting end-to-end mission threads with quality attribute considerations.

November 10, 2009

Cloud Computing

Grace Lewis gives an introductory-level presentation on cloud computing. Lewis discusses the different types of cloud computing environments and the barriers for its adoption.

April 09, 2009

SMART: Analyzing the Feasibility of Migrating Legacy Systems to SOA Environments

Grace Lewis discusses how the Service Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART) can be used to help organizations to make decisions about reusing legacy systems within a SOA environment.