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Publications by Topic: Software Architecture Representation and Documentation

SEI Books

Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond, Second Edition
(September 2010) This book provides the most complete and current guidance on how to capture a software architecture in a commonly understandable form.

SEI Reports

Comparing the SEI's Views and Beyond Approach for Documenting Software Architectures with ANSI-IEEE 1471-2000
(July 2005) This report summarizes the V&B and 1471 approaches to architecture description, and shows how a software architecture document prepared using V&B can be made compliant with 1471. (CMU/SEI-2005-TN-017)

Creating and Using Software Architecture Documentation Using Web-Based Tool Support
(September 2004) This report describes a design prototype that demonstrates a web-based approach to creating, communicating, and using software architecture throughout the life of the system. (CMU/SEI-2004-TN-037)

Documenting Component and Connector Views with UML 2.0
(April 2004) This 2004 report explores how changes in UML 2.0 affect UML's suitability for documenting component and connector views. (CMU/SEI-2004-TR-008)

Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Interfaces
(June 2002) This report provides guidance for documenting the interfaces to software elements. (CMU/SEI-2002-TN-015)

Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Behavior
(January 2002) This report describes ways to document the behavior of systems, subsystems, and components of software architecture. (CMU/SEI-2002-TN-001)

Documenting Software Architectures: Organization of Documentation Package
(August 2001) That comprehensive handbook outlines how to produce high-quality documentation for software architectures. (CMU/SEI-2001-TN-010)

SEI Workshop on Software Architecture Representation, 16-17 January 2001
(May 2001) This report summarizes the discussions from the 2001 Architecture Representation Workshop, where five leading software architects and practitioners were invited to discuss aspects of the architecture representation with senior members of the SEI technical staff. (CMU/SEI-2001-SR-010)