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Christine Davis

Christine Davis
Member of the Board of Visitors


Christine Davis is an independent consultant with a broad experience base in executive management, engineering management and product development. She served as an executive for Texas Instruments and, then, Raytheon from 1993 through 2000, where she had profit and loss responsibility as the general manager for their sensors and electronic systems businesses. Her technical experience is based on 20 years of software development, project management and engineering management experience. 

Professional Experience

Raytheon 1997-1999

Ms. Davis was an executive vice president of Raytheon Systems Company and general manager of the Sensor and Electronic Systems segment. She was a Raytheon Company Vice President. The Sensors and Electronic Systems segment focuses on ground, shipboard, and airborne fire control and surveillance systems, ground, space-based, night vision, and reconnaissance sensors, electronic warfare, and other defense electronics systems.

Prior to this assignment, Ms. Davis was deputy general manager of the segment. Previously she was a senior vice president of Raytheon TI Systems and manager of the Electronic Systems Division. As manager of the Electronic Systems, Division, Ms. Davis had the business responsibility for an array of products, including airborne and surface electro-optic products, ocean surveillance radars, multi-function radars, active electronically scanned array radar, uncooled drivers' viewers, rifle sights and surveillance devices.

Texas Instruments 1974-1997

Ms. Davis was a senior vice president of Texas Instruments Systems Group and manager of the Electronic Systems Division.

After joining Texas Instruments (TI) in 1974, Ms. Davis held positions of increasing responsibility in both technical and management areas. She was elected as a senior member of the Technical Staff in 1984. She has 20 years of software development and management experience, including real-time, diagnostic, test and analysis software. Her prior assignments include TI System Group software engineering director, and vice president and engineering manager for the TI Systems Group. 

Professional Affiliations

Ms. Davis has membership positions on the Army Science Board, the Department of Defense Software Best Practices - Airlie Software Council, and she served as the chairperson for the 1999 Los Angeles Savings Bonds Campaign. She has also received the YWCA "Women of Achievement" award.


Ms. Davis received a bachelors of science degree in mathematics from the University of Houston in 1974 and a masters in business administration from the University of Dallas in 1984. 

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