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  • InfoQ talks to the SEI's Donald Firesmith about his new book on software and sytem testing pitfalls
    Media Coverage - 10/29/2014


  • Culture Shock: Unlocking DevOps with Collaboration and Communication
    Join us for a discussion about ways to shift organizational culture to achieve DevOps. We will highlight communication tools and movements, such as ChatOps.
    Webinar - 04/09/2015

  • SATURN 2015
    SATURN 2015, the 11th Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference, will be held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland April 27-30, 2015.
    Conferences - 04/27/2015

  • Using DidFail to Analyze Flow of Sensitive Information in Sets of Android Apps
    This webinar provides viewers with an understanding of the problem of flow of sensitive information in Android apps. In particular, we consider the case where a malicious app colludes with another malicious app or exploits a vulnerable app in a manner designed to evade precise detection.
    Webinar - 05/07/2015




Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Applying Agile in the DoD: Eleventh Principle

In this podcast, the tenth in a series by Suzanne Miller and Mary Ann Lapham exploring the application of Agile principles in the Department of Defense, the two researchers discuss the application of the eleventh principle: Podcast - 02/26/2015
Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Applying Agile in the DoD: Tenth Principle

In this podcast, part of an ongoing series, Mary Ann Lapham and Suzanne Miller discuss the application of the tenth Agile principle: Simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work done done—is essential. Podcast - 02/12/2015
Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Predicting Software Assurance Using Quality and Reliability Measures

In this podcast, the authors discuss how a combination of software development and quality techniques can improve software security. Podcast - 01/29/2015