The CMMI Acquisition Module

[Note: The CMMI-AM is a module, which is an excerpt from the CMMI Version 1.1. The SEI recently announced the release of CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ), Version 1.3.]

One way to improve acquisition practices is to build systems right the first time by ensuring that the acquisition processes needed for a technically sound project are defined, implemented, measured, and maintained.

The Acquisition Module is a condensed form of the CMMI Framework that defines effective and efficient acquisition practices, directed both internally toward the acquisition project and externally toward project monitoring and control of the selected contractors and suppliers. These practices provide a basis for acquisition process discipline while balancing the need for agility: the module identifies practices that should be performed but does not prescribe specific implementation approaches.

The CMMI Acquisition Module (CMMI-AM), Version 1.1, was written by Tom Bernard, Brian Gallagher, Roger Bate, and Hal Wilson, (CMU/SEI-2005-TR-011, ESC-TR-2005-011) and released in May 2005.

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Technical Note

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Technical Note

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