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Arcade Game Maker Pedagogical Product Line

This page provides access to all of the assets for the AGM product line example. The figure below is a map that allows you to select the asset you wish to view. Before looking at any of the assets you need some background on AGM. The product line overview presents information about the company and its employees. This information sets the context for the example. This is not a document that is part of the usual product line artifacts, rather it is provided for pedagogical purposes.

The arrows in the figure indicate dependencies among the assets. Generally you will want to study the contents of the assets upon which an asset depends before viewing that asset. To understand the example we suggest that you begin with the Business Case document. Managers may wish to then go to the Concept of Operations document while technical people may prefer to read the Scope next. The arrows and your own needs will dictate how you explore the remainder of the documents.

Current status – As you enter the AGM product line, the team is in the first increment of products. These products are all freeware that will be downloadable from the AGM web site. The product line planning documents such as the business case, scope, and the architecture are complete. The team has an implementation for all three games but the Bowling product has distinct problems, which will be addressed by that product team as soon as possible. Neither the Pong nor Bowling products have passed the system test phase. Every item on the map below does have some valuable information and most of the items will be evolving over the next few months as the team moves forward.

Document Map

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