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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and analysis involve gathering quantitative data about products, processes, and projects and analyzing that data to influence current actions and long-term plans. From introducing basic measurement principles to helping a Level 4 organization satisfy the Measurement and Analysis process areas of CMMI, the SEI's measurement and analysis techniques provide the level of guidance necessary to produce meaningful, cost-saving results.

The SEI conducts research and provides guidance and expertise in software measurement and analysis: measurement, because without data, you have only opinions; and analysis, because the data you collect can't help you if you don't understand it and use it to shape your decisions.

Measurement and analysis activities allow organizations to

  • Characterize, or gain understanding of processes, products, resources, and environments
  • Evaluate, to determine status with respect to plans
  • Predict, by understanding relationships among processes and products so that values observed for some attributes can be used to predict others
  • Improve, by identifying roadblocks, root causes, inefficiencies, and other opportunities for improvement

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