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What We Do

The primary mission of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is to support the defense of the United States. The SEI conducts research in software engineering, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and many other areas of computing, working to introduce private-sector innovations into government.

In addition to supporting the Department of Defense, we also work extensively with the private sector and academia in an array of disciplines. Our research, prototyping, mission application, training, and education activities are heavily interrelated and are relevant to a broad range of problem sets.

Our Process

Our work process is designed to be highly iterative, enabling any design or innovation to be tested early and tested often. We can apply lessons learned in any given development phase by returning to any earlier development phase at any time, instantly realizing improvements to the state of the practice.

The Software Engineering Institute work process, including research, prototype, mission application, and training & education


We research software and cybersecurity problems of considerable complexity. We apply first principles of relevant information science, computer science, and mathematics to mature the disciplines of engineering and secure software systems.