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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Better Practices Early in the Development of Software-Reliant Products Improve Productivity and Quality

Leading software-engineering organizations emphasize faster delivery of products having exceptional quality and the flexibility to be easily adapted to meet changing customer needs. Delivering a software-reliant system that meets all of those business goals has proven to be difficult, witness the still-stubborn high percentage of products that fail in operation or do not meet expectations.

It does not have to be that way. The SEI addresses those goals with a research-backed approach. Our approach rests on the principle that improved engineering and management practice throughout the software development life cycle, particularly early in the cycle strongly influence the quality of a system.

Improving software engineering practice

The SEI aims to improve the ability of software and system engineers to analyze, predict, and control desired properties of software systems in the earliest phases—requirements and design.

Improving software development management practice

Improved management practice also is critical for predicting and controlling software-reliant system quality, as well as schedule, cost, cycle time, and productivity. SEI provides support through methods for process, measurement, and risk analysis.

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