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Oct 21

CRO Success Factors in the Age of COVID

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Oct 21, 2021 · Webcast


This webcast will discuss the critical factors for risk executives to be successful and protect critical assets.

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The past year has served as a case study for the need for robust enterprise risk management (ERM), and strong leadership to oversee this critical organizational priority. The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on business operations and supply-chains, and we have also seen an increased velocity of cybersecurity incidents as well. For organizations to achieve their mission in this dynamic environment risk executives (Chief Risk Officers) must understand how to properly manage the expected risks that their organizations may face in the course of daily operations, but now must also be prepared for the unexpected. This webcast, delivered in coordination with the CMU Chief Risk Officer Program, will discuss the critical factors for risk executives to be successful to not only protect critical assets but also to take advantage of new opportunities created via the pandemic.

What attendees will learn:

  • Making the business case for a robust ERM capability
  • Strategic risk in the current dynamic business environment
  • Elements of a mature and high performing risk organization
  • Aligning risk response strategy with the operating plan and business strategy

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