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2021 Year in Review

SEI Leads Development of New SAE AADL Version

In 2021, the SEI collaborated with the AADL community to develop version 2.3 of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), an SAE International standard, to be released in 2022. The SEI leads the AADL standardization committee.

[Avionics organizations] need a rich set of modeling and analysis capabilities that AADL uniquely delivers.

Jerome Hugues
Senior Researcher, SEI Software Solutions Division
Photo of Jerome Hugues

New features include multicore support, enhanced graphical editor and analysis capabilities, and a workflow layer expected to extend the tool set’s adoption by practitioners.

Avionics organizations use AADL to express the designs of their evolving platforms. “They need a rich set of modeling and analysis capabilities that AADL uniquely delivers,” said senior SEI researcher Jerome Hugues.

The U.S. Army has adopted AADL to support projects such as the Joint Multi Role Mission Systems Architecture Demonstrations (JMR MSAD). From 2013–2020, the JMR MSAD exercised and matured the AADL language, tools, and processes, proving it effective in the modeling and analysis of complex, safety-critical embedded computing systems. More multicore processors on safety-critical embedded systems require understanding of potential hazards with shared resources. The AADL language now supports modeling and analysis of multicore processors for insights into safety- and time-critical systems.

Photo: Alice de Casanove