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Always focused on the future, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) advances software as a strategic advantage for national security. We lead research and direct transition of software engineering, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence technologies at the intersection of academia, industry, and government. We serve the nation as a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and are based at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), a global research university annually rated among the best for its programs in computer science and engineering.

The 2023 SEI Year in Review highlights the work of the institute undertaken during the fiscal year spanning October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023.

The Stories

Collage of the U.S. government buildings and an aerial photo.

SEI Team Leads First Independent Study on Technical Debt in Software-Intensive DoD Systems

Experts on technical debt and DoD software modernization delivered broad-ranging findings to Congress.

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Screen shot of a space ship from the video game Cubespace.

President’s Cup Competition Expands Access to SEI Cybersecurity Simulations

New and old challenges from the annual cybersecurity competition for federal government employees are now available outside...

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An alarm light against a collage background.

SEI Establishes First AI Security Incident Response Team

AISIRT will analyze and respond to threats and security incidents emerging from advances in AI and machine learning.

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Jason Larkin and Daniel Justice against a collage background.

SEI Quantum Experts Join Pittsburgh Computing Research Organizations

Their membership supports the SEI’s mission and the local research community.

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Collage of llamas and circuitry.

National Security Demands Rigor, Not Rush, for Generative AI

SEI chief technology officer Tom Longstaff describes the SEI’s approach to the predicted generative AI revolution.

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Eric Goldstein against a collage background.

CISA Adapts Innovative SEI Approach to Transform Vulnerability Management Landscape

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s efforts include the SEI’s Stakeholder Specific Vulnerability Categorization.

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Photos of Ruben Martins, Travis Breaux, Tze Meng Low, Ehab Al-Shaer, and Christian Kastner.

CMU Collaborations Enhance Outcomes for U.S. Government

SEI researchers worked with Carnegie Mellon University faculty and students on projects ranging from malicious code detection...

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Vijay Sarvepalli against a collage background.

Reducing the Risk of UEFI’s Hidden Security Challenges

SEI research has improved security for millions of computers.

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Collage of a lizard eye, ghosts, code text, puzzle pieces, and a juneberry branch.

SEI Open Source: From Research to Community

The SEI offers many of its research-related tools available to the public.

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Anita Carleton against a collage background.

Workshop Identifies Critical Needs for U.S. Leadership in Software Engineering, AI Engineering

The report from the U.S. Leadership in Software and AI Engineering Workshop outlines national priorities for engineering...

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Photo of Tim Morrow against a collage background.

Bringing Zero Trust Practices to Army Tactical Networks

Uncertain network environments and multiple cloud service providers complicate zero trust implementation in Army deployments.

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Photo of David Walbeck against a collage background.

SEI Support for Long Range Standoff Program Spurs New Engagements

The SEI is at the forefront of verification and validation research in highly regulated environments.

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Photo of Kimberly Sablon against a collage background.

Assuring Trustworthiness of AI for Warfighters

The Center for Calibrated Trust Measurement and Evaluation (CaTE) aims to ensure DoD AI systems are safe, reliable, and...

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Photo of Shannon Gallagher against a collage background.

Pathfinding Project Explores Large Language Models for the Intelligence Mission

Standing up an LLM for sensitive intelligence work is feasible, but model output requires expert review, according to...

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Photo of Sumanyu Gupta against a collage background.

Supporting the Human and Technical Elements of Responsible AI for National Defense

SEI engagements with two defense agencies addressed AI workforce development and the operationalization of responsible...

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Photo collage of Jerome Hugues.

Extending SysML V2 with AADL Concepts to Support Engineering and Certification of Safety-Critical Systems

SEI research and leadership bridges the gap between two languages crucial for systems engineering.

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Photos of SEI staff.

Professional Organization Participation Boosts SEI Staff and Mission

In 2023, many SEI researchers held leadership positions or attained special honors in professional organizations.

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