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The SEI—your partner from R&D to implementation and operation

At the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), we research complex software engineering and cybersecurity problems, create and test innovative technologies, and transition maturing solutions into practice. The U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other public agencies and private businesses, can meet mission goals and gain strategic advantage by using tools, technologies, and practices developed or matured by the SEI in seven core technical areas.

Three of these technical areas—Software Engineering and Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, and System Validation and Verification—are “enduring” and represent long-term, well-established bodies of work at the SEI with considerable breadth and depth. The remaining four technical areas are “emerging” and represent areas that the SEI believes will gain critical importance in the coming years. Our work in the emerging technical areas supports and interrelates with work in the enduring technical areas to produce well-rounded, complete research and technology solutions.

Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering and Information Assurance
Systems Verification and Validation
Data Modeling and Analytics
Mission Assurance
Autonomy and Counter-Autonomy