Staff Profile

Matthew Collins

Insider Threat Junior Researcher

Key Responsibilities

Matthew Collins joined the Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Management team as an Insider Threat Junior Researcher in June of 2013. Prior to working at CERT, Matthew studied Business Management at Saint Vincent College and Information Security Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Matthew’s primary focus is developing new ways to mitigate insider threat using socio-technical controls.

Publications (recent or significant)

Moore, Andrew P.; Mundie, David A.; and Collins, Matthew L. “A System Dynamics Model for Investigating Early Detection of Insider Threat Risk”

Collins, Matthew L.; Spooner, Derrick; Cappelli, Dawn M.; Moore, Andrew P.; and Trzeciak, Randall F. “Spotlight On: Insider Theft of Intellectual Property Insider the United States Involving Foreign Governments or Organizations”


Matthew works on the Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Management team under the Cyber Enterprise and Workforce Management team at CERT.

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