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Staff Profile

Eileen Wrubel

Key Responsibilities

Ms. Wrubel is the SEI representative on the Air Force Strategic Software Improvement Program Working Group, supporting the development and implementation of software policy and guidance to improve the acquisition, management and sustainment of the software component in Air Force systems. Her research efforts focus on Agile in acquisition, focusing on identifying and addressing adoption barriers in the DoD and other highly regulated settings, with special interest in sustainment and contracting issues. In 12 years with the SEI, Ms. Wrubel has worked with a variety of DoD and federal acquisition programs such as JMPS/mission planning, the MilPDS program, C2AOS, and many others, providing advice and assistance on software related issues.

Professional Background

Prior to joining the SEI, Ms. Wrubel served in software project and program management and customer relationship management positions with firms such as Sabre, (now Manhattan Associates), and Akamai Technologies. She has also worked in a USAF acquisition program office, and spent 6 years in the Air National Guard as a Communications and Information Officer.



    Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance