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2004 Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems

The Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems was sponsored by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), Defense Systems, Software-Intensive Systems in 2003 and 2004. The conferences provided  an opportunity for government acquisition organization employees, their support agencies (i.e., support contractors, FFRDCs), and federal government contractors to share experiences and insights about acquisition.

Listed below are the presentations made during the 2004 conference. The presentations made at the 2003 conferences are on a separate page.

2004 Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems

January 26, 2004

Keynote Address - Defense Systems Systems Engineering, Glenn F. Lamartin, Director, Defense Systems

Track: Acquisition & Systems Engineering

Reconsidering the Role of Systems Engineering in DoD Software Problems, Grady Campbell, SEI

Identifying Risks in Outsourcing Software-Intensive Projects, Maliha Haddad, George Washington University, and Anita J. LaSalle, American University

Acquisition Modeling: The Key to Managing Acquisition Complexity?, Linda A. Abelson, Richard J. Adams, and Suellen Eslinger, The Aerospace Corporation

Track: Acquisition Management

Software Reviews Since Acquisition Reform - The Artifact Perspective. Peter Hantos, The Aerospace Corporation

US/UK/AUS Trilateral Software Intensive Systems Acquisition Improvement Group (SISAIG), Jim Linnehan, OASA(ALT); Rich Turner, OUSD(ALT)DS/SIS; Chris Whittaker, DPA/PFG; Julian Burridge, DPA/PFG; and Matt Ashford, DMO/EDS

Track: Acquisition Process Improvement

Air Force Software Intensive Systems Strategic Improvement Program (AFSSIP), Mike Nicol, U.S. Air Force

Using the CMMI® in Acquisition Environments, Brian Gallagher, SEI

NAVAIR Software Acquisition Improvement, Debra Borden, NAVAIR; Don Beynon, SEI; Gerry Imai, STSC, and John Kennedy, MITRE

Collaborative Government/Contractor SCAMPI Appraisal, Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman; Carolyn King, Miltec Corporation; and Mike Garcia, The Boeing Company

Comanche Process Improvement Vision and Initiatives, Richard Tyler, Sam Cooke, Kathleen Leonard, and Scott Reed, Comanche Program Office

Track: Experience Reports

Successful Acquisition of FAA Terminal Doppler Weather Radar, James E. Jones, Cirrus Technology, Inc.

A Best Practices Survey of the Rail Road Industry, Andrew Frohn, Long Island Rail Road

Improving the Management of the Software Acquisition Process: a Methodological Approach in Automotive, Fabrizio Fabbrini, Mario Fusani, Giuseppe Lami, ISTI/CRR; and Edoardo Sivera, Fiat Auto S.p.A.

Requirements Nightmare Put to Rest - F/A-18 Advanced Weapons Laboratory, Susan Weaver, L-3 Communications Government Services, Inc., NAVAIR

CMMI Today & Process Maturity Profile, Mike Phillips, SEI

Tuesday, 27 January 2004

Keynote Address,  Early Warning Indicators in the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems, Barry Boehm, USC

Track: New Acquisition Approaches

The Evolutionary Acquisition of the Future Combat Systems (FCS), Akbar Khan, Software Engineering Center, U.S.A. CECOM

Why Not Network Centric Acquisition? Ira Monarch, Frank Sisti, Kate Ambrose, and Stephen Blanchette, SEI

Iterative RFP Project Management, Chris Armstrong and Bobbi Underbakke, ATC Enterprises

Track: Acquisition Measurement

An Acquirer's Guide to Navigating Contractor Data, Jeannine Siviy, Wolf Gerthert, and Robert Ferguson, SEI

Software Acquisition Life Cycle Measure Plan based on the revised "IEEE P1633\AiAA R-023A Recommended Practice on Software Reliability", Norman F. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School (PDF only)

Software Product Maturity in SIS Source Selection, Richard Turner, The George Washington University

Track: Acquisition Best Practices

The Diagnostic Roadmap: Progress in Developing an Integrated View of Risk Identification and Analysis Techniques, Ray Williams, Kate Ambrose, and Laura Bentrem, SEI

An Alternative to TRLs for COTS Software-Intensive Systems, Jim Smith, SEI

Software Acquisition Best Practices, Richard J. Adams, Suellen Eslinger, Karen L. Owens, and Mary A. Rich, The Aerospace Corporation

Software Best Practices Clearinghouse, Kathellen Dangle, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering; Thomas McGibbon, ITT Industries; and Richard Turner, The George Washington University

Software Acquisition Best Practices Workshop, Kathellen Dangle, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering; Thomas McGibbon, ITT Industries; and Richard Turner, The George Washington University

Track: Studies

Improving Software Acquisition Processes: A Study of Real Project Costs, Maliha Haddad, The George Washington University, and Anita La Salle, American University

Scenario-Driven System Engineering (SDSE) for System of Systems Acquisition, Ray Paul, OSD, NII, Department of Defense

Systems, Networks and Information Integration Context for Software Assurance, Joe Jarzombek, OSD-NII

SOSI: System of Systmes Interoperability, B. Craig Meyers, Linda Levine, Ed Morris, Patrick Place, and Daniel Plakosh, SEI

Wednesday, 28 January 2004


Accelerating the Adoption of Improved Practices Using Acquisition Pilots, Brian Gallagher, Panel Moderator, SEI

The Application of OAR in a Lead System Integrator Context, Dennis Smith, SEI

Product Line Acquisition and Measurement at NUWC, Sholom Cohen and Dave Zubrow, SEI; Ed Dunn, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

SCAMPI B/C Pilots in Acquisition Environments, Charlie Ryan and Brian Gallagher, SEI

Track: SIS Acquisition Approaches

Acquisition Oversight as a Function of Program Office Capability, George R. Winters, AFPEO C2/CS

Integrated Architecture Development, J. Maluda, H. Dutchyshyn, and Jeffery W. Wilson, USAF

Track: Acquisition Planning

Improving Acquisition through COTS Risk Identification, David Carney, Ed Morris, and Pat Place, SEI

Guidelines for Acquisition Planning, Ceci Albert, John Bergey, Wolf Goethert, and Ed Morris, SEI

Others (unable to attend)

Requirements for a Software Chief Engineer for a Weapons Systems Acquisition, Al Florence, The MITRE Corporation

Software's "Inoperable" Interoperability Problem, Jeffrey Voas, IEEE