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Initiate a New Project with Us

Any agency of the U.S. government may request CMU-SEI to undertake studies, research, or technology development projects.

Download our Users' Guide to learn the details.

General Requirements

The scope of the requested work must be within the scope of the overall USAF contract. The scope of an individual R&D project is to be developed directly between CMU-SEI and the government sponsoring organization.

Classified and unclassified R&D projects have different requirements. If you cannot disclose the specifics of the work CMU-SEI is performing, or if you cannot disclose the name of your government sponsoring organization, the project will be considered as classified.

Documents to Submit

All government sponsoring organizations must create and submit a project package consisting of project and funding documents to initiate any R&D project. These documents vary based on the type of government sponsoring organization and whether the project is classified. The Users' Guide Document Flowchart can help you decide which documents you need.

Project Documents

Project documents detail the technical specifications for a project:

All Projects:

Classified Projects:

Funding Documents

Funding documents vary based on the type of government sponsoring organization:

Department of Defense:

Non-Department of Defense:

Submitting the Project Package

Unclassified Projects

Submit to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Finance Common Mailbox:

Reporting and Evaluation

Quarterly Report

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Enterprise Acquisition Services Division (AFLCMC/AZS), requests that customers fill out a quarterly report. The purpose of the quarterly report is to capture deficiencies and allow the FFRDC and the customer to address them in real time.

Due to AZS by the first of the month of each quarter.

Points of Contact

Unclassified Communication

AFLCMC/AZS Program Manager Common Inbox:
Financial Management Common Inbox:
AFLCMC/AZS Financial Management Fax: 781-225-2141

CMU-SEI Contract Services Common Inbox: