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Over the past decade, Agile software development and software architecture practices have received significant attention from industry and government. The complementary nature of Agile development and software architecture practices is increasingly recognized and appreciated.

Ipek Ozkaya. "Architecting in a Complex World: Achieving Agility and Stability in Large-Scale Software Development" (webinar)

Technical Best Practices for Agile at Scale (AAS), Cyber Security & Information Systems Information Analysis Center, 2013.

Integrating Agile Architecting with Software Development Practice

Industry and government stakeholders continue to demand increasingly rapid innovation and the ability to adjust products and systems to emerging needs. Practices designed to expedite system delivery, such as prototyping or agile development, can paradoxically lead to unexpected rework costs that ultimately degrade the flow of value over time. These articles focus on the architecture principles and practices that enable enhancement of agility to support rapid and sustainable delivery.


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Tools and Methods

Working Together: the Team Software Process and Architecture-Centric Engineering 


Highlight: "SATURN 2013 Awards Conferred: The Conflict Between Agile and Architecture: Myth or Reality?" examines the conflict between agile and architecture in the context of the software development process and how the software architecture role fits into agile teams.

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Agile Architecting Research Agenda

The SEI focuses on agile architecting to explore and create qualitative and quantitative architecture-aware methods and techniques for designing, analyzing, and evolving systems iteratively and incrementally.


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Highlight: "Using Agile Effectively in DoD Environments" describes how our research has approached the topic of Agile methods both from an acquisition and a technical perspective.

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