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Request Permission to Use SEI Material

If you wish to use Carnegie Mellon University intellectual property, trademarks or service marks, the SEI name, or any logo associated with the SEI in connection with any of your organization's goods or services, you must obtain written permission from the SEI.

To request permission, submit our web form (Request Permission to Use SEI Materials Form). If you prefer to fax the information instead, you may fax the information listed below to 412-268-9631.

To expedite a response, please make sure to include all the requested information in your request for permission.

  1. List your complete contact information including email address, mailing address, phone, FAX, and URL.
  2. Identify the material and the specific portion you want to use as thoroughly as possible (by full title, date, report number, module number, caption, author, URL, etc.).
  3. Explain how you plan to use the copyrighted material in as much detail as possible. Do you plan to refer to it? Reproduce it "as is" in part or in its entirety? Create a hypertext link to it? Translate it "as is" into another language? Something else?
  4. Identify the format (delivery medium) in which you intend to use the copyrighted material. Do you intend to use it in publications, software tools, CD-ROM products, instructional materials, marketing literature, or merchandise (e.g., T-shirts, badges, pens)? If you intend to use the material in any kind of publication (e.g., book, article, technical report, press release, webpage, presentation, briefing), please provide the working title, expected publication date, and publisher or publication name, if any.
  5. State whether you are using the copyrighted material for (a) commercial, (b) noncommercial, or (c) U.S. government purposes. (U.S. government purposes may include competitive procurement.)
  6. State whether you intend to distribute the copyrighted material (a) inside your organization (internal use) or (b) outside your organization (external use).

To expedite a response, please include all the above information in your request for permission.