Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Tools & Methods

SEMA's work in measurement and analysis provides organizations with qualitative and quantitative tools and methods to measure and analyze the results they are achieving at the project, process, program and enterprise levels.

Six Sigma and CMMI

As CMMI has become more widely institutionalized and Six Sigma has made its way into engineering disciplines, organizations more often want to know how to leverage Six Sigma within software process improvement initiatives. SEMA provides CMMI / Six Sigma tools and methods that map Six Sigma to CMMI, courses to teach the practical application of Six Sigma, descriptions of experiences using the methods, and uses of Six Sigma as a tool for reaching high maturity.

Goal-Driven Measurement

Goal-driven measurement helps you identify and define software measures to support your own organization's business goals. SEMA offers courses and documents to help you implement goal-driven measurement using the goal-question-indicator-metric (GQIM) method.

Project Management

In successful measurement and analysis programs, managers and practitioners are able to use measurement as the foundation for making informed decisions about projects and products. SEMA develops and promotes successful quantitative methods for use in project management.

Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic (MAID)

Organizations run on data. They use it to manage projects and the enterprise, make decisions, and guide improvement. But how reliable is the data you collect? SEMA is developing the MAID method as tool for diagnosing and improving your measurement and analysis activities.