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The SEI provides access to more than 5,000 documents from three decades of research on best practices in software engineering. These documents include technical reports, presentations, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and other searchable materials. You can search our database to find publications that span the SEI's history as well as current research.

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New in Publications

Julie Cohen

Why Your Software Cost Estimates Change Over Time and How DevSecOps Data Can Help Reduce Cost Risk

September 29, 2023 • White Paper
Julie B. Cohen

Early software cost estimates are often off by over 40%; this paper discusses how programs must continually update estimates as more information becomes...


A Retrospective in Engineering Large Language Models for National Security

September 29, 2023 • White Paper
The Software Engineering Institute

This document discusses the findings, recommendations, and lessons learned from engineering a large language model for national security use...

Bill Nichols

Actionable Data in the DevSecOps Pipeline

September 27, 2023 • Podcast
Bill Nichols, Julie B. Cohen

Bill Nichols and Julie Cohen talk with Suzanne Miller about how automation within DevSecOps product-development pipelines provides new opportunities for program managers (PMs) to confidently make decisions with the help of readily available...

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Douglas C. Schmidt

Ask Us Anything: Generative AI Edition

September 25, 2023 • Webcast
Douglas Schmidt (Vanderbilt University), John E. Robert, Rachel Dzombak, Jasmine Ratchford, Matthew Walsh, Shing-hon Lau

In this webcast, SEI researchers answered audience questions and discussed what generative AI does well and the associated risk and...

Headshot of Carol Smith

Evaluating Trustworthiness of AI Systems

September 12, 2023 • Webcast
Carol J. Smith, Carrie Gardner

In this webcast, SEI researchers discuss how to evaluate trustworthiness of AI systems given their dynamic nature and the challenges of managing ongoing responsibility for maintaining...

Daniel Costa

Insider Risk Management in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

September 07, 2023 • Podcast
Daniel L. Costa, Randall F. Trzeciak

Dan Costa and Randy Trzeciak discuss how remote work in the post-pandemic world is changing expectations about employee behavior monitoring and insider risk detection....

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