SEI Podcast Series

Selected Category: Measurement and Analysis

August 28, 2014

An Appraisal of Systems Engineering: Defense v. Non-Defense

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Joseph P. Elm

"In today's systems, it is very difficult to draw a line between where the system ends and the software begins, because the software becomes an integrating part of the system.  "

November 01, 2012

Quantifying Uncertainty in Early Lifecycle Cost Estimation

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Jim McCurley

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Robert Stoddard

"We needed a radically new method to address the type of information that is present that early in the lifecycle."

October 04, 2012

The Importance of Data Quality

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

David Zubrow

"It's always going to cost you more to fix it after the fact, and it's very hard to go back to the point of origin and correct data once it's entered the system. Now, our specific research last year was to investigate the use of some statistical techniques, primarily associated with outlier detection."