SEI Podcast Series

Selected Category: Pervasive Mobile Computing

December 04, 2014

Tactical Cloudlets

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace Lewis

"We compared the five cloudlet provisioning mechanisms in terms of—from a quantitative prospective—payload size, energy consumption, and also application-ready-time, which we define as the moment from which I say I need this capability until when the cloudlet says the capability is ready. In addition to that, we did a qualitative comparison because, again it is not just about the numbers."

August 14, 2014

HTML5 for Mobile Apps at the Edge

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace Lewis

"HTML5 is receiving a lot of attention from developers these days because one of the promises of HTML5 is portability: the fact that you write the application once in HTML5, and all you really need to run it is a browser, right? You can run it on an Android device. You can run it on an iPhone device. "

April 29, 2014

Best Practices for Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Robert Ellison

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Carol Woody

"The capability itself just went live last April, and all of these alert originators are now adding this to their systems to try and understand what capability they need, and how they can integrate it with what they're already using. "

November 14, 2013

Situational Awareness Mashups

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Soumya Simanta

"Think about a mashup as a piece of software that combines data from different sources."

September 12, 2013

Human-in-the-Loop Autonomy

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

James Edmonson

"We focus on partial human-in-the-loop autonomy...No one wants a system that has no ability for a human to feedback into the system. You always want to have the ability to at least look into what it's deciding."

August 29, 2013

Mobile Applications for Emergency Managers

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Adam Miller

"The moment of opportunity exists now to prevent what's going to happen in the future. We want to move further away from the reactive side of the spectrum and closer to the proactive and preventative side of the spectrum."

July 25, 2013

Application Virtualization as a Strategy for Cyber Foraging

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace Lewis

"Actually, we call that 'the Starbuck's scenario,' where basically you have all the resources you want. You're relaxed. You're sitting in your office, and you're offloading whatever it is. You don't need to worry about resources. At the edge, you do need to worry about that, because battery is expensive and heavy. The network is limited. You don't know if you're going to have connectivity around the clock."