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Security and the Internet of Things

Art Manion


Internet-connected devices—from cars, insulin pumps, and baby monitors to thermostats and coffee makers—are growing in number and complexity. Most of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices weren’t built with connectivity and security in mind, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. In this podcast, CERT researcher Art Manion discusses work that his team is doing with the Department of Homeland Security to examine and secure IoT devices.



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Categories: Vulnerability Analysis

About the Speaker

Art Manion

Art Manion is the technical manager of the Vulnerability Analysis Team in the SEI’s CERT Division. Since joining CERT in 2001, Manion has studied vulnerabilities, coordinated disclosure efforts, and published advisories, alerts, and vulnerability notes for CERT/CC and US-CERT. Manion currently focuses on vulnerability discovery and other areas of applied research, including ways to automate and improve operational vulnerability response. Prior to joining the SEI, Manion was the director of network infrastructure at Juniata College.