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Publications by Topic: Software Architecture Definitions and General Treatment

SEI Publications

Architecting Service-Oriented Systems
(August 2011) This report presents guidelines for architecting service-oriented systems and the effect of architectural principles on system quality attributes. (CMU/SEI-2011-TN-008)

A Research Agenda for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems
(March 2010) This 2010 report describes the agenda of an SEI-led group that was formed to explore the business, engineering, and operations aspects of service-oriented architecture. (CMU/SEI-2010-TN-003)

Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Foundations of Service-Oriented Architecture (FSOA 2007)
(June 2008) This report presents the results of the Foundations of Software-Oriented Architecture (FSOA) workshop held at the Third International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications (I-ESA 2007). (CMU/SEI-2008-SR-011)

Evaluating a Service-Oriented Architecture
(September 2007) This report contains technical information about SOA design considerations and tradeoffs that can help the architecture evaluator to identify and mitigate risks in a timely and effective manner. (CMU/SEI-2007-TR-015)

A Comparison of Requirements Specification Methods from a Software Architecture Perspective
(August 2006) In this report, five methods for the elicitation and expression of requirements are evaluated with respect to their ability to capture architecturally significant requirements. (CMU/SEI-2006-TR-013)

Software Architecture: An Executive Overview
(February 1996) This report summarizes software architecture for an intended audience of mid to senior level management. (CMU/SEI-1996-TR-003)

The Software Architecture Renaissance

Paul Kogut, Paul Clements

November 1994

What is software architecture? In this article a software architecture is loosely defined as the organizational structure of a software system including components, connectors, constraints, and rationale.

Software Architecture in Practice (2nd Edition) 

Len Bass, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman

April 2003

This book provides a concise, all-in-one, easily accessible overview of software architecture. Anyone requiring a comprehensive overview of the field of software architecture will benefit from this book. Software Architecture in Practice, 2nd edition, provides a comprehensive overview of the field of software architecture in a single, easy-to-digest package.

Non-SEI Publications

The Golden Age of Software Architecture: A Comprehensive Survey
Mary Shaw & Paul Clements