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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become an SEI-Certified PSP Developer?

This certification offers a chance for you to be recognized as an elite professional in a crowded job market. PSP training prepares you to participate on a TSP team, and PSP Developer certification assures current and potential employers that you are a professional who is capable of producing high-quality software for predictable costs and on committed schedules.

Are there prerequisites for becoming an SEI-Certified PSP Developer?

The SEI highly recommends that individuals seeking to pass the SEI-Certified PSP Developer examination attend PSP training from the SEI or an authorized provider. No prerequisites are currently required to take the examination.

What is the cost of SEI PSP Developer Certification?

The examination fee is $250.00.

Where can I find examination tips and sample examination questions?

Visit our bank of PSP developer sample questions to answer some practice questions. To learn more about the examination, read our page about the PSP Developer Exam.

What is the minimum score required to pass the SEI-Certified PSP Developer exam?

A candidate must correctly answer approximately 80% of the questions on the examination in order to pass.

Each examination contains 80 questions. The difficulty level of each of these questions has been determined based on criteria set by the PSP Certification Assessment Board. The passing score for each examination reflects the difficulty level of the particular questions appearing on that individual form. This ensures that a candidate does not need to be concerned that his/her examination will contain more difficult questions than another candidates.

Who should become an SEI-Certified PSP Developer?

Prime candidates for SEI PSP Developer Certification are

  • Software developers who have attended PSP training from the SEI or an SEI-authorized PSP instructor, or who have obtained the PSP knowledge and skill base through other mechanisms (e.g., self-study, accredited courses, non-accredited courses, etc.)
  • Software developers who want to demonstrate their knowledge of the PSP and their ability to use PSP skills such as data collection and calculations, estimating, quality techniques, and data analysis

How long is my certification valid?

Your PSP Developer certification is valid for a period of three years from the award date.

What is the process for renewal of the certification?

SEI-Certified PSP Developers must pay a $75.00 renewal fee and must submit a log of professional development activities in order to renew their certifications. See the PSP Developer Renewal details for more information.

I am an SEI-Certified PSP Developer. How do I attain PSP Instructor authorization or TSP Coach certification?

Visit the PSP Instructor authorization and TSP Coach Certification pages for more information.

How much time is allowed to complete the exam?

Two hours are allotted for an individual to complete the PSP Developer examination.

How many questions are on the examination?

The PSP Developer examination is 80 questions in length

In what format is the examination available?

The multiple-choice examination is available through our examination delivery provider in a secure online format, and as announced at selected SEI conferences.

How many times can I take the SEI-Certified PSP Developer exam?

If you do not pass the certification examination on your first attempt, you may retake the examination one time within 3 months of the first attempt. A third attempt may be scheduled within the following 3 months. All retakes are subject to the prevailing exam fee.

Should these three attempts not be successful, you must wait six additional months before submitting a letter to the SEI Certification Program with a request to retake the examination. Permission will need to be granted to retest. If you do not pass the examination after this subsequent attempt, you must wait one calendar year and show evidence of further PSP experience, training, and knowledge before being allowed to retake the examination.

What concepts and technologies are covered in the examination?

PSP Developer competencies, knowledge areas, key concepts, and skills are identified in the SEI’s PSP Body of Knowledge. You can find The Personal Software Process (PSP) Body of Knowledge on the SEI web site.

Can I use any reference materials during the examination?

No, you may not use any reference materials during the examination.