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SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator Examination

The SGMM Navigation process provides utilities with essential planning support and positions the Navigator to initiate new engagements and gain follow-on work with utility customers. The SEI has developed SGMM Navigator Training course to prepare individuals who wish to become SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators. This training allows those participants to role-play the facilitation skills required and gain the detailed understanding of the SGMM model needed to lead a Navigation.


This exam is required at the end of course for participants in the SGMM Navigator Training. Successful completion of this course requires the student to attain a passing score on an end-of-course examination that reviews the SGMM model and associated product suite.


Participants must achieve a minimum passing score of 76% to successfully complete the course and to be considered eligible for certification.


This closed book exam consists of 50 questions that are either multiple choice or true/false in format.

The exam is broken down into the following topic areas:

  • Navigation Process
  • Preparation
  • Survey Workshop
  • Analysis
  • Findings and Aspirations Workshop
  • Wrap Up
  • Model Interpretation
  • Architecture
  • Product Suite
  • Levels
  • Domains
  • Survey


The SEI developed this examination based on the information in The Smart Grid Maturity Model: Model Definition (CMU/SEI-2010-TR-009) and in the navigation materials contained in the course materials.

Participants may not use any reference materials during the examination.


Before registering for the exam, participants must have participated in the SGMM Navigator Training course. This exam is the final gate in order for participants to have successfully completed that course.


Two (2) hours are allotted for an individual to complete the exam.

Participants are permitted two additional retakes of the exam if the first attempt is not successful at the prevailing exam fee.

Course Questions?

Phone: 412-268-7388
FAX: 412-268-7401

Training courses provided by the SEI are not academic courses for academic credit toward a degree. Any certificates provided are evidence of the completion of the courses and are not official academic credentials. For more information about SEI training courses, see Registration Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality of Course Records.