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Supporting the Rapid Establishment of Acquisition Teams

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) now acquires systems that increasingly rely on software to deliver capabilities to the warfighter. These systems are more complex and costly than ever. Yet, DoD acquisition managers are challenged to operate in an environment of constrained budgets and faster delivery.

Applying the processes, methods, tools, and technologies of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) throughout the acquisition cycle, federal defense acquirers can meet that challenge, deliver real value for both the warfighter and the nation, and build a workforce with the skills to meet future challenges.

Improving Acquisition Practice

To improve acquisition practice as called for in Section 804 of the National Defense Authorization Act, program offices can move from ad hoc acquisition to repeatable and measurable acquisition practice. The SEI provides guidance to move toward measureable acquisition practice and draws on proven tools to solve problems and prepare acquirers to overcome complex software acquisition challenges.

Providing Acquisition Management Support

More than ever perhaps in an environment of new mandates, acquisition managers can use expert technical, program, and planning support from a trusted third party to extend and deepen their efforts to deliver software capabilities and meet cost and schedule requirements. The SEI supports acquisition managers with strategic planning guidance, direct support, and assessment.

Promoting a Better Workforce

Dramatic changes to the way acquisition is conducted mean that acquisition professionals need broader knowledge and new skills. SEI workforce development for acquirers addresses skills development across a broad range of significant areas important for the acquisition of complex systems of systems.

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