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Sep 19

ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing

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ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
Sep 19-22, 2018 · Orlando, FL


Acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity in computing

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The goal of the Tapia Conferences is to bring together undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities to:

  • Celebrate the diversity that exists in computing
  • Connect with others with common backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, and gender so as to create communities that extend beyond the conference;
  • Obtain advice from and make contacts with computing leaders in academia and industry
  • Be inspired by great presentations and conversations with leaders with common backgrounds

Diversity: Roots of Innovation. The 2018 Tapia conference theme reminds us to celebrate the historical role of diversity with respect to STEM innovation, and declare it as a standard essential set of roots for computing innovation in the future. Conquering computing challenges going forward–while ensuring benefits across all global citizens–whether it is artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, or a range of other subjects, requires the resources, talent, and experiences from a diverse collective. Just as we have embraced risk-taking, perseverance, and creativity as cornerstones of innovation, organizations and society must treat diversity with the same reverence. This should be reflected in leadership, strategies, and policies charging forward.

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