Product Lines Training

The SEI offers software product line courses and certificate programs that are based on extensive SEI and community experience in developing, acquiring, and fielding software product lines. People from over 230 organizations have attended our courses, and over 160 of them have earned software-product-line-related certificates.


See our software product lines course page for information about our courses and a complete schedule. The SEI Software Product Line Curriculum equips software professionals with state-of-the-art practices, so they can efficiently use software product lines to achieve strategic reuse and other business goals.

The curriculum is supported by a practitioner book in the SEI Addison-Wesley Series: Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns. The courses provide the training necessary to help organizations successfully implement a product line approach. 

Certificate Programs

The SEI offers these specially designed certificate programs for software professionals:

  • Software Product Line Professional. This certificate provides software professionals the needed breadth and depth in software product line concepts and practices to professionally apply software product line practices.
  • Product Line Technical Probe (PLTP) Team Member. This certificate prepares qualified software professionals to perform SEI-authorized Product Line Technical Probes.
  • Product Line Technical Probe Leader. This certificate provides qualified software professionals with the technical depth and social techniques needed to effectively lead SEI-authorized Product Line Technical Probes.

For more information about earning a certificate, visit the certificate program page.

Workshops and Tutorials

The SEI offers workshops and tutorials that can help

  • your executives understand product lines and how they can help your organization [more]
  • create a plan for adopting a product line [more]
  • manage variability in your product line [more]
  • create a production plan for your product line [more]
  • develop or refine the configuration management of your product line [more]