4/01/2014 - 6/01/2014

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April, 2014

     8-10 (SEI, Arlington, VA) - Assessing Information Security Risk Using the OCTAVE Approach
     28-2 (SEI, Arlington, VA) - Advanced Incident Handling
     3-4 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Software Architecture Design and Analysis
     7-11 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Personal Software Process (PSP) Advanced
     28-2 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Modeling System Architectures Using the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL)

May, 2014

     28 (SEI Los Angeles, CA) - Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices for Successful Adoption
     29-30 (SEI Los Angeles, CA) - Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture
     5-9 (SEI, Arlington, VA) - Malware Analysis Apprenticeship
     12-16 (SEI, Arlington, VA) - Applied Cybersecurity, Incident Response and Forensics
     19-21 (SEI, Arlington, VA) - Managing Enterprise Information Security: A Practical Approach for Achieving Defense-in-Depth
     12-16 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - PSP Instructor Training
     19-20 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Software Architecture: Principles and Practices
     20-21 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Engineering Safety- and Security-Related Requirements for Software-Intensive Systems
     21-22 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Documenting Software Architectures
     22-23 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - ATAM Leader Training

June, 2014

     3-5 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Implementing Goal-Driven Measurement
     9 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Creating a Computer Security Incident Response Team
     9-11 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Software Acquisition Survival Skills
     10-12 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Managing Computer Security Incident Response Teams
     12-13 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Advanced Software Architecture Workshop
     16-20 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - TSP Coach Training
     17-19 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Introduction to the CERT Resilience Management Model
     24-25 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Documenting Software Architectures
     26-27 (SEI, Pittsburgh, PA) - Software Architecture Design and Analysis

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