Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Client Technical Solutions

Increasingly, the Department of Defense (DoD), federal agencies, allies, and commercial industries depend on software-reliant systems to achieve their missions. Growing complexity in these systems, changing development paradigms (such as Agile methods and app stores), and increasing emphasis on employing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions as a means to save cost and shorten development times all combine to add significant risk to project success and ultimately to the suitability of the final product.

Through Client Technical Solutions (CTS), the SEI works directly with customers to help them achieve their objectives. CTS technical experts work with system acquirers across the DoD and federal agencies, their contractors, and with commercial industry to apply innovative combinations of SEI products and services as well as other technologies to the challenges of modern software system development.

Our clients are challenged to grasp the impact of software on a diverse range of topics such as risk identification and mitigation, selection and integration of COTS components, process capability, program management, architecture, survivability, interoperability, source selection, data rights, and contract monitoring. The SEI has spent nearly three decades developing solutions for these and other issues and assisting customers in successfully addressing them on their projects.

CTS is focused on direct interaction with clients by 

  • transitioning technologies and practices to improve software-reliant systems
  • performing diagnostics such as Independent Technical Assessments (ITAs) and Independent Expert Program Reviews (IEPRs)
  • assisting with acquisition strategy development,  RFP preparation and helping with technical evaluations of proposals and deliverables
  • collaboratively developing and applying new acquisition technologies and practices
  • working with the DoD acquisition community's collaborators
  • consulting with government and industry on best practices for software development and evolution; working collaboratively on technical program progress
  • reviewing acquisition policy related to software-intensive systems and advising the federal government on improvements
  • educating executives and workforces on relevant software engineering topics

An Integrated Approach

CTS works closely with SEI researchers and other national experts to develop and apply solutions that address our clients’ needs. We integrate techniques and technologies to solve problems. We work collaboratively with program office staff, contractors, and other FFRDCs to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.