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Are you facing a situation like one of these?


Working on system design issuesProducts that rely on software systems—and most do today—are developed to satisfy qualities such as performance, modifiability, and security that are critical to an organization's business or mission goals. Achieving system qualities is haphazard at best without a unifying vision of the product's software architecture.

Working on acquisition challengesThe U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) now acquires systems that increasingly rely on software to deliver capabilities to the warfighter. These systems are more complex and costly than ever. Yet, DoD acquisition managers are challenged to operate in an environment of constrained budgets and faster delivery.

Working on cybersecurity concernsInformation has become an essential asset supporting the operation of government and industrial organizations. Those organizations have increasing concerns about protecting information against cyber attacks that stem from criminal intentions or motivations and commercial motivations.

Mitigating riskSoftware engineering organizations now are in an environment that is more uncertain—due in large part to the increasingly distributed nature of software development. How well those organizations navigate through this environment will determine their success or failure, and effective navigation requires a new view of risk analysis and management.

Working on software development challengesLeading software-engineering organizations emphasize faster delivery of products having exceptional quality and the flexibility to be easily adapted to meet changing customer needs. Delivering a software-reliant system that meets all of those business goals has proven to be difficult, witness the still-stubborn high percentage of products that fail in operation or do not meet expectations.