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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

CMMI-Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BoK)

Although CMMI and Six Sigma are different types of improvement initiatives, they have many connections and can be integrated when implemented. In 2009 the SEI began a collaboration with participants in government and industry to develop a body of knowledge (BoK) with a focus on the intersection of CMMI and Six Sigma. This intersection was defined as the CMMI goals and practices that can be met using a Six Sigma method or technique, and the Six Sigma methods and project lifecycles that can benefit from CMMI process areas and practices.

The objectives of this project were to do the following:

  • acknowledge the complimentary and synergistic nature of CMMI and Six Sigma
  • provide a means for promoting the integration of CMMI and Six Sigma
  • show how Six Sigma tools and techniques can be leveraged to implement CMMI practices
  • demonstrate how CMMI practices can be leveraged to implement Six Sigma techniques
  • create a set of criteria or requirements for defining the skills and knowledge of a unique and advanced process improvement professional
  • complete an early step toward the possible establishment of a professional certification in CMMI and Six Sigma

This project did not address the following:

  • the union of the CMMI and Six Sigma practices, methods, and principles
  • mappings, relationships, or techniques associated with other standards (e.g., ISO 9000 ISO 12207, ISO 15288), product development models (non-SEI maturity models, RUP), or methods (e.g., Agile)
  • applications of Six Sigma to areas outside of the CMMI constellations