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Protect your organization against insider threats with SEI's Insider Threat assessments and certificates.
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SEI Partners work with your organization to deliver SEI-branded training and services.
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Currently an SEI Partner? Partner Resources helps you deliver training, evaluations, and other services to your customers.
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SEI Partner Network

Do you need to

  • Understand and prevent insider threats?
  • Develop secure code?
  • Reduce risks from software vulnerabilities?
  • Safeguard critical assets?
  • Increase network and system resilience?
  • Improve software acquisition processes and procedures?

Partnering with SEI can help!  You’ll be able to access the latest cybersecurity and software engineering research. You’ll be certified to perform cybersecurity and software evaluations.  You’ll be authorized to deliver SEI and CERT-branded training.  This gives your organization and clients the tools and techniques they need to improve software development, security, and acquisition processes.

As an SEI Partner, you’ll join an elite group of organizations on the leading edge of software engineering and cyber threat protection. You’ll share in SEI, CERT, and Carnegie Mellon  University's pioneering work and influence the future direction of our research. 

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