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The SPA Award is given to individuals or groups to recognize the excellence of their work.

To nominate an individual or group, you must submit nomination material specifying the nominee, describe the nominee's software engineering process improvement work, and make a case for why the nominee's work has led to productivity improvements. The nomination material must be accompanied by letters and signed by an individual with the appropriate responsibility and authority, certifying agreement to several award conditions. Nominations must be submitted to the SPA Award Coordinator as outlined in the Award Schedule.

Nominations are evaluated by an Award Committee consisting of senior, knowledgeable, and experienced software engineering process improvement professionals. The restricted length of the nomination package generally does not allow a fully adequate description of the nominee's activities and results, but it should provide enough information for the Award Committee to determine that the criteria are likely to be satisfied. Nominees that pass this initial screening review are then engaged in focused interactions with the Award Committee to elicit more detail about the nominee's achievements. A positive decision requires that the nominee satisfy the award criteria to an exceptional degree. In the case of a negative decision, the Chair of the Award Committee provides an explanation, a detailed list of deficiencies, and advice regarding a resubmission in the future.

The Award Schedule is designed to provide recognition of the recipient's accomplishments and to ensure dissemination of the recipient's experiences and lessons learned throughout the relevant researcher and practitioner communities. A recipient is mentored by a committee member to assure the creation of a high-quality SEI technical report and effective, high-quality presentations, which will be delivered to the researcher and practitioner communities.

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