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2022 Year in Review

Implementing Responsible Artificial Intelligence

In 2021, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), which accelerates commercial technology adoption into the Department of Defense (DoD), published Responsible Artificial Intelligence Guidelines in Practice, co-authored by the SEI’s Carol Smith and Alex Van Deusen.

DIU has since used the report to integrate the DoD's ethical principles for AI and its reliable, replicable, and scalable process into its commercial prototyping and acquisition programs and those of DoD customers. The report is also referenced in the DoD's Responsible Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Implementation Pathway toolkit.

Smith and Van Deusen have been educating DIU and other government teams on responsible artificial intelligence (RAI) and its real-world application by facilitating a series of workshops, giving presentations, and participating on DIU’s behalf on national panel discussions. Smith continues to improve the report’s processes, methods, and tools and to support DIU’s RAI efforts.

For help with implementing RAI, contact the SEI AI Division at